Instrument Technician

Contracting firm looking to fill Instrumentation Calibration Technician positions for long term assignments at Oil Production and Utility Facility.
Perform/provid calibration and documentation of instruments and equipment used in oil and gas processing facilities in with minimal to no supervision. All work to be completed to assure minimal impact to production while complying with Regulatory and Client regulations.
o Perform calibrations of instruments on process and utility equipment.
o Ensure that calibration paperwork, instrument files, and work order documentation is completed with accurate information.
o All work must be completed in accordance with CFRs, SOPs, and Client policies.
o Perform tasks in accordance with planning and scheduling.
o Plan and schedule own work activities with operations staff to minimize impact to production activities.
o Frequency and nature of failures/delays, attributed to the Technicians error.
o Standards of performance include, but are not limited to SOPs and defined time standards for task being performed.
o Specific behavioral feedback by work colleagues and Customer.
o Progress made within review period in assigned tasks.
o Accomplishment of project milestones, feedback from project team members.
o Schedule adherence.
Knowledge of, temperature, pressure, flow and level measurement fundamentals
o Reading and writing skills to perform and document maintenance operations.
o Ability to communicate through written and verbal forms.
o Intermideatecomputer skills.
o Ability to interact constructively with peers/teams.

Don't Be Fooled

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